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Pay attention to your child’s physical development

The human is a threefold being consisting of body, soul and spirit. That’s why you cannot merely focus on certain aspects of your child’s humanity. Your child’s physical development is particularly important – as is his emotional development and spiritual wellbeing.

It’s very important that parents teach their children to take good care of their bodies. There isn’t one child that one can dismiss as ugly. Many children though are slack when it comes to their physical care. Correct bodily care is of great importance for a child’s happiness and self-image. Bath or shower regularly, brush teeth, clean underwear and clothes, a little cologne during in their adolescence years... these are things parents must help establish in their children’s lives.

Children must also acquire healthy eating habits. This can avoid weight problems and being chubby. In addition, it’s important for children to learn that a smile and friendliness makes one a lot more approachable than being grumpy and unfriendly. Living with a smile attracts people – a frown pushes them away.

Sport is important for a child’s physical development. Even though your child shines academically or culturally, he must learn to live healthy. Encourage your child to go for walks or to do sport at school, even in the seventh or D-team. Team sport and participation in other types of sport will also help a child to socialise better and learn the importance of willpower and determination.

Guidance about sex and your child’s sexual development and awakening, must be done correctly. Your child will hear the facts about sex and human reproduction from someone. By whom? Choose right now. Sex education is your responsibility and will help that your children don’t lend their ears and eyes to all sorts of sexual chats and pictures. Sex education done correctly will help children appreciate their bodies all the more and not to see sex as something filthy, but as something God created specifically for marriage.

May Joel 1 verse 3 (NIV) help you with this:

Tell it to your children, and let your children tell it to their children, and their children to the next generation.

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