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On your knees for your children

When you look at the world in which your child must grow up, it’s enough to leave you ice cold. There is so much violence and barely any love. Morals, norms and values exist for very few. Statistics for abortion are simply shocking. Drunkenness, and the horrible family violence and other consequences thereof, are common. Decadence is the norm. The internet is a dangerous place to visit and play if not done responsibly. Yes, you sometimes feel your child is like a sheep thrown to the wolves. In this devastating world prayer for your child is vitally important, even indispensable.

As a parent, you can get wonderful encouragement from the tale of the Canaanite woman and her daughter who was demon-possessed (Matthew 15). The mother sincerely and continuously pleaded with the Lord but initially didn’t get an answer. She nevertheless persevered and held onto the Lord and believed that He will save her child… and He did.

Do read Matthew 15 verse 28:

Then Jesus said to her, “Woman, you have great faith! Your request is granted.” And her daughter was healed at that moment – NIV

There are many references in the Bible where God gives the assurance that He does not want any person to be lost. He wants every person, also every child, to be saved. Have you as a parent ever gone to God and pleaded deeply and with perseverance for your child? If there aren’t fruits yet, keep on. Pray your child back to God. Pray continuously for your child’s protection from evil.

It’s important that Dad and Mom come before the Lord together and dedicate their children to Him. Pray for them and their specific circumstances. Pray that they may have the right friends and future spouse. Your prayers can indeed make the difference.

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