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Leaders always see the bigger picture

I am someone who loves sport and exercise. Let me rather say this and share the entire truth: I am someone who sometimes love exercise, because there are times when it is difficult and effort and hard work. There you have it, the truth!  Why do I do it then? Because of the bigger picture. Exercise is good for my brain and releases a positive hormone in my brain. It keeps me fit and healthier, and allows me to maintain a faster lifestyle. That is why the pain is worth it. That is why the difficulty and effort and hard work is worth it. There is a law in life, namely the law of delayed gratification (postponed advantage). It is a law I taught my children. Eat healthy now and in the long run you will have a healthy body. Save your money now so that you can spend it later. This law teaches us to think about the future. Take the pain now, take the tough times and difficult times for the advantages it has later.  That is what all good leaders do: they make decisions with the future in mind. They don’t make stupid decisions now that will damage the future. No, they think and live with the future in mind. They think about their organisations in 5 years or in 10 years from now. It is this that drives and influences their decisions. Many leaders only think about the here and now and do not care about the bigger picture, a picture that definitely includes the future. Short-lived, rash decisions are made which not only damages themselves, but their organisations as well. Remember Paul’s words ‘what you sow, you will reap’. Therefore it is important to always life with the future and the bigger picture in mind when making decisions. It is sometimes necessary to make difficult decisions which might cause a period of discomfort. Any good leader, however, can explain the reasons to their team. Any good leader is capable to describe the picture they have of the future and the advantages their decisions have. Any good leader must have the ability to take their team with them because in the long run it is to their advantage. Given the bigger picture it is good, right and the best for everyone in the organisation. Theodore M Hesburgh wrote the following: The very essence of leadership is that you have to have vision. You can’t blow an uncertain trumpet. This is a wonderful challenge for every leader: think and plan with the future in mind. Always see the bigger picture and take your people with you. 

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