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Dad and Mom, take ownership

There was a time when our government protected Christian values. Gambling was illegal, pornography was illegal… and I can go on and on. Today (it has been the case for quite a while) we live in a country that espouses freedom of religion, pornography is legal and abundantly available for everyone, gambling-houses are shooting up everywhere and the censorship on films and videos are very iffy. Parents can no longer depend or rely on the state or schools to raise their children. It’s as simple as that.

A young Canadian man’s last words in court just before he was sentenced to death were the following:

“Am I alone responsible for the crime I committed? My father put the first bottle of liquor in my hand. My parents taught me there is nothing to religion. I never saw a Bible in my home.”

To the contrary, a young American man testifies:

“When my parents read the command, ‘And ye shall teach them to your children,’ they did not think God was talking to the government or the school, or even the Sunday school or the church. They knew He was talking directly to parents.”

God gives you as parent the responsibility to raise and spiritually guide your child. Are you an authentic parent to your child in this respect, or do you still expect that the church, state or school to fulfil that role?

Get motivated by Proverbs 13 verse 6 to do just this. Come on parents, you can do it!

Righteousness guards the person of integrity, but wickedness overthrows the sinner – NIV.

Let’s indeed be grateful for every church and school that genuinely cares about and nurtures Christian values in your child. But be cognisant - and live it - that the real ownership of raising your child rests in the parental home.

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