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2021: Best wishes

I would like to start this newsletter with the familiar words of the ABBA song “Happy New Year” :

Happy new year Happy new year May we all have a vision now and then Of a world where every neighbour is a friend Happy new year Happy new year May we all have our hopes, our will to try If we don't we might as well lay down and die You and I

I hope that you are dreaming about 2021. People who dream, live and have hope. People who dream have an expectation and give hope. I trust that 2020 has not deflated your tyre to the point where you have stopped dreaming. I trust that 2020s trials did not leave you powerless and without hope. No, learn from Paul: In spite of being in prison he still gave his best and lived a full life. Learn from Joseph: A well and prison did not leave him powerless. No, they both kept on living and kept on dreaming.

You see; peace, happiness and hope in your father’s Kingdom does not depend on your circumstances. He gives peace, happiness and hope in spite of the situation that you are in. I hope that you learned this in 2020, instead of just giving up. Jesus, Immanuel that we spoke about during Christmas, was and is with you in every step of your life. He never leaves you alone. He is never far. He is always there to love, to give, to help and to encourage.

Therefore, our wish from VitaAmp’s side in 2021 is not that you are spared from troubles and challenges. It is also not for an even road without inclines and turns. No, it is: May you experience that Jesus is with you every step of this challenging road. May you experience how he encourages you up every incline.

He is with you! He is next to you! Therefore, persevere and trust. Run your life’s race every day with your gaze on Him. He will never leave you and never disappoint you.

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