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VitaAmp is a non-profit company which main focus is to invest in families, leaders and young people. It is VitaAmp's mission and passion to equip families across South Africa to be healthy families. We believe with heart and soul in our principals and teachers and therefore we equip them for the great task they do. VitaAmp also likes to invest in the development of spiritual and other leaders. We invest in young people by continually equipping them and teaching them skills, emotionally and spiritually, in the very challenging world they live in today.


The name VitaAmp explains our vision and existence. "Vita" means living in Latin and "Amp" is the abbreviation of the English word "Amplified". Jesus came so that today we can live in abundance as promised in His word. We want to equip people to live with the abundance Jesus planned for them:

in your family, in your marriage, in leadership positions and as dynamic youth.

More about VitaAmp


Families today are falling apart. Parents are overwhelmed and uninformed about the demands that parenthood requires. This decadent, self-destructive world is not making the task any easier. VitaAmp also invests in marriages as the cornerstone of happy families. With years of experience and the latest research, it is VitaAmp’s passion to equip parents and make parenting a joyous again.


  • The Bible and family

  • Healthy relationships in the family

  • The family as a team

  • Boundaries and discipline 

  • Values in the family 

  • The effect of technology on family

  • Family assets for healthy families

  • The important role of a father and mother

  • Marriage and children

  • And much more – 


Principals, teachers and spiritual leaders experience pressure from children, parents and unappreciative communities. These leaders receive little encouragement, equipment or motivation. It is our passion to inspire them and equip them to make the necessary sacrifices but still, remain to stand.

Sessions offered:

  • Inspiration and spiritual growth

  • Investing in leadership

  • Knowledge about the value they contribute

  • Life skills such as; communication, attitude and time management

  • The effect of your past

  • Serve with the right attitude

  • Self-management

  • And much more – 

Our Mission


The youth today are faced with enormous challenges, such as; identity, emotional pain, values, and pressure, in this decadent world. VitaAmp sets out to teach them the skills to live with confidence in this broken world. 

Sessions offered:

  • Christian values

  • Leadership development

  • Addictions; alcohol, drugs, pornography, technology

  • Gender and boundaries

  • Diversity

  • Grace in a world of standards

  • And much more – 

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