Jou kind & Tegnologie


Technology such as cell phones, computers, the internet, and many others are here to stay. Everyday technology improves. But in a family technology, if not managed properly, can be your biggest enemy. In four insightful session, Johan Smith explains the dangers of technology. With the latest research, he will help you as a parent with solutions to this challenging aspect of parenthood.

Praktiese Ouerskap


Parenting is a universal challenge in this demanding time. However, marriages and families are, above all, God’s first priority. In this series of six sessions, the foundation of parenting is laid from the Word and practical advice is given on how to make family a priority in your life and the importance thereof. 



The most important asset you have is your family! We live in a broken society where families are falling apart. For many parents, their once valuable family becomes a heavy load. Where do I as a parent begin to nourish a healthy family? In two inspiring and practical sessions Johan Smith shares five simple principles which can help you achieve this. 

Hoe om jou lewe te verwoes voor jy 16 is


Yes, that’s right! This book shows you how 15 easy choices can ruin your life before you finish high school. We certainly were not made to be exhausted and burnt out before 16. Read with us about the 15 most stupid choices we can possibly make, and choose to lead a life without destruction and truly enjoy life!

Grense & Dissipline


The absence of boundaries and discipline is one of the biggest challenges in families worldwide. In three insightful sessions, Johan Smith talks about the how and why of boundaries and discipline. He gives practical advice and guidelines to each parent. Parents with children of any age will learn from the experience. 

Gesonde gesinsverhoud-ings in 'n virtuele wêreld


These days life is such a crazy race that parents and children only see each other in passing, and in the scarce moments we have to ourselves we are fixed to a screen of some sort. In Healthy Family Relationships Johan Smith gives practical and enjoyable advice on how to move away from the twenty-first century and its digital aids to a life of healthy relationships with each other. This includes ideas such as movie nights, creating moments of laughter and to have a meal together around the table. Parents can create an environment for children where they feel safe and where they are equipped for the future. 

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