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Wholesome leaders: your security is in the Lord alone

So many leaders nowadays work hard at building their own kingdoms. They toil relentlessly at their power, status, and position. Therein, they think, they’ll find security. Perhaps you are one of those who have already discovered that no title nor position gives you lasting security. They strive hard and push everything and everyone under them to make more profit for the sake of more cars, more property, more money and more financial security. Many leaders seek security in other people. Their employees, the ‘under’ them, must engineer security for them.

How foolish can one be? How much toil and sweat must you waste to finally realise that you’ll only, I repeat ONLY, find that peace that surpasses all understanding, in the Lord. Only in the Lord is there eternal security. All other things are temporary and transitory. Do you want to be successful measured by God's standards? Then read:

Psalm 127:1

Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain – NIV

How can you put your happiness, your peace, and your emotional health in the hands of something or someone else? How can you trust the temporary to enable the eternal in your life? On what do you build your leadership house? For what are you building your leadership house?

It’s about much more than just knowing the Lord in your plans. It's easy and can even be cheap. No, put Him first. Spend time with Him and hear His voice for your life. Hear his voice for your organisation. You may well be surprised at the clear guidance you will receive. His Word gives your leadership hands and feet. This, ultimately, is true success. You will clearly hear: SERVE! You will clearly hear: CARE! You will clearly hear: BE GENEROUS! You will clearly hear: OTHERS BEFORE YOU!

Therefore, put Him first. Make Him the Leader you follow. Make His voice the One voice you listen to and obey. Then security will radiate from you, and it will instill confidence in everyone with you.

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