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True leaders put others first

If you need any inspiration to put others first in your life, look at the life of Jesus. He is the One who revered others higher than Himself. He is the One who washed the feet of His disciples. His words to you and me are that we must do what He did. Oh goodness, it's easy to talk, but living it is quite another reality. Leaders can be so full of themselves. They can be so egocentric and important. Some of them float instead of walking. Some struggle to get through the door because figuratively speaking, their ego is a little big.

It's time you start appreciating others. A good leader brings out the best in other people. Then extraordinary results follow. Nobody today is self-made. No, somewhere along your path there were a few who stopped their own lives and built into yours. You know who they are and you’re still grateful today for those who sacrificed for you. Be that kind of person to others.

For once, make time for other people. Truly listen, ask questions, hear their life stories, and listen to their hearts. The moment you are intent on genuinely getting to know other people better and really listening to them, it’s harder to be self-centered.

How often do you try to put yourself in someone else's shoes? Yes, it's easy to criticise and quickly judge and even humiliate someone. Place yourself in that person's position, see the world from someone else's point of view and you may experience more compassion and empathy towards the person.

John Wooden said the following:

"Selfishness is the biggest challenge for a coach.”

The same John Wooden taught everyone around him to lose yourself for the sake of the team.

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