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Technology in the family

Technology and screens are here to stay. You can't wish it away. Technology is a wonderful gift from God's hand that improves this world and moves it forward, BUT....... unfortunately, there’s another side, a dark side, a bad side that can damage everything and everyone around you because of too much, and the irresponsible use of, technology and screens. This applies to young and old.

How much time goes into screens every day? Who is discipling your child? You or the media? What could one have done with that time that would’ve been much more productive than being occupied with social media or games on the phone or tablet? These are important questions that every parent must ask himself/herself. Dad and mom, you are the parent and it’s in your home that this ‘too much’ and ‘too long’ happens.

The communication skills of our youth are deteriorating. They unlearn to interact with people - and by the way, that's what real life is all about: interacting with people. Relationships suffer and deteriorate more and more. Young people present with tremendous relationship damage in families, circles of friends and at school, university and work.

Then the addiction aspects also come into play. There is a phenomenon simply called internet addiction. It was discovered for the first time through MRI scans. Then there’s addiction to screens and video games (especially young boys!) and social media (especially young girls!). Large percentages of our young people are already addicted to pornography. All these things have a negative effect on the brain, and emotional wellbeing deteriorates further.

Bullying through screens (phone, computer and tablet) is common today. It's much easier to be faceless while saying bad things to someone and ‘talking’ with your fingers. Children (and parents) can get into big trouble and clash with the law. Dad and mom, remember: that phone is in your name and you can be charged for something irresponsible your child writes and sends on it.

In short: dad and mom, take control in your home. It's your responsibility. Parenting has never been about popularity, but about responsibility and good relationships. Young people need to hear, know and understand the dangers of ‘too much’ and ‘too long’.

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