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Preparation for leadership

You are familiar with the system: you’ll go to school for 12 years to get that matric certificate (there are the odd exceptions, but they are rare). You’ll study at least three years towards a degree. So I can go on and on. The same applies to leadership: you grow into it. You develop daily, weekly, monthly and every year to eventually become a good leader.

Many want to rush it. They want to get there long before they’re ready for it. The desire for recognition through the middle course of leadership is simply too strong for quite a number. They aspire, push and fight. Instead they should be growing themselves to improve.

For me, Moses remains one of the most astonishing leaders ever. He has a serious speech defect and God chooses him to go and negotiate/talk with Pharoah to eventually lead his people from Egypt. How did God prepare Moses? Moses underwent a process during which he sees, among other things, how his people are abused, he murders an Egyptian and flees, and eventually is in a desert for 40 years. Everything was in preparation for leadership! Yes, even the desert teaches you about perseverance, to forge ahead continuously, and to be humble. Don’t try to evade this. Entrust your life completely in God’s hands. He knows what He’s doing. His timing for your leadership is perfect.

Ask Joseph. I know he will agree. It cost him dearly to be the leader that he eventually became: assaulted by his brothers, thrown into a dry well, sold, sold again, an unknown land, innocent in a prison….. talk about the gravel road of a desert! You know where he ended up. He left it in God’s hands completely without trying to force any aspirations or selfish desires. No, he trusted God and became an eminent leader.

Are you currently paying the ‘school fees’ of leadership? Are you experiencing the gravel road and desert? Or are you trying to press the right buttons to help God, who in your view, is progressing too slowly? You are going to burn your fingers, or perhaps you already have.

Calm down. God is busy with you. Be humble and completely surrendered to Him, and keep growing and developing where you are. God knows what He’s doing. Ask Moses and Joseph.

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