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Parents: our servant becomes the executioner (2)

People have become content to be liked, while God made man to be loved. Love is made to be something superficial by technology, screens, internet and other media. You perhaps have hundreds of ‘friends’ on Facebook, half of whom you don’t even know. Every like on social media releases dopamine in your brain that makes you feel good about yourself. You become dependent on the dopamine to feel liked. Unfortunately, too few likes have the effect of making you feel worthless and rejected.

People today have largely lost the skill to have a one-on-one visit and build relationships. There is a language spoken on social media that is rushed – not to mention the spelling. People are becoming satisfied with frivolous connections where the other person (s) is faceless.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not anti-technology at all! Just for the record, I’m now typing this part on my laptop while my smartphone is within easy reach. I can’t and don’t want to live without the benefits of using technology. It’s great to have technology as a servant in my life and I use it to enrich and improve my own and other people’s lives. I’m convinced that’s how God wants it.

Like everything in life, God has given people the ability and gift to develop something like technology and media. He wants us to use it to also glorify Him. In this case it’ll mean improving our relationships: our relationship with Him and our relationships with each another. However, the opposite is happening. Hi-tech is dominating Hi-touch and it’s very damaging to our families and friendships.

Parents, get a technology plan for your home. Make no-screens part of the policy at certain times. Make eating together as a family, without screens and technology, part of your plan.

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