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Money and possessions cannot compensate for dad and mom’s absence

Everyone worships something or someone. You may not love singing very much, but worship is so much more than singing. It's a way of life. Worship shows who or what is most important in your life – that is, who you worship.

Since 1994, foreign markets - including money markets - began opening to South Africans. The term ‘offshore’ became the buzzword. Imports and exports started to flourish. Ports and airports were upgraded. However, many people seek their security in possessions, money - specifically offshore investments, large bank accounts, and also in real estate. To maintain control, people started clinging to possessions and money, because that is one of the prominent characteristics of man today: we want to be in control. We don’t like dependency.

This urge for control unfortunately leads to large-scale materialism. As a result, children are handed large sums of money; it must compensate for dad who works hard. Large and expensive presents must make up for countless lonely hours. They get the most expensive and best equipment. After all, this shows dad and mom love them.

Dad and mom, you can read all the books on parenting; you won’t find in one that money and materialism will help to make a child feel emotionally safe and secure. It’s about your physical presence, showing and living love, and concern for your child. Your presence, interest and caring will ultimately make your child feel emotionally safe.

Doctor Anthony Wiham says the following true words:

Too much love never spoils children. Children become spoiled when we substitute “presents” for “presence”.

Do not fall into the materialism hole. Give tangible, priceless love that money cannot buy.

A scripture that can help you is Colossians 3 verse 23:

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters – NIV

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