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Leaders must pray but also be God’s hands and feet

Once upon a time there was a little English boy who ended his prayer every night with the words: “God, think of your nation and your children and hasten the day when Israel will once again become your children.” During the time of his prayers, many Jews had already been living in exile for almost 18 centuries. The land of Israel was under authority of the Ottoman Turkish Empire, an Islamic empire that had been ruling Israel for four centuries and with no plan of returning it to the original owners. But in Daniel 9:24-26 God promises through a prophecy that He will restore His nation and that they will serve Him. This is what the little boy prayed for.

With the outbreak of World War I, the Turkish Empire started to falter. The British army, under the leadership of General Edmund Allenby, conquers the land of Israel from the Ottoman Turkish Empire. Britain stipulates that Israel must be returned to the Jewish nation. The little English boy’s prayer is answered. He grew up and joined the British army. He is eventually promoted to become a general. He was General Edmund Allenby! God heard the little boy’s prayers through himself.

This shows that God often hears prayers by using you to be His hands and feet. In God’s hands the prayers of little boys are stronger than a mighty empire. And the power of prayer is also stronger than kingdoms. It changes lives and history. The fate of a nation changes through a single prayer. The one who prays within God’s will, can become the instrument to fulfil prophecies and change world history. Pray in line with God’s will, become God’s hands and feet, and make prayers come true.

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