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Lead like Jesus - Part 5

Energy and enthusiasm are particularly important characteristics of a leader. Picture a tedious and dull leader trying to get his followers enthused about a particular cause or matter. There’s no way! Enthusiasm cultivates enthusiasm. A leader must therefore genuinely believe in his task otherwise you won’t be able to get excited about it. If you want to make a case or ‘sell’ it to followers, you must do so with passion. Passion is born of faith in an undertaking or issue, and enthusiasm for it. Every good leader I can think of is loaded with passion for their cause. They have enthusiastic followers fuelled by the energy and enthusiasm of their leader. A person full of passion for a cause is also someone who is motivated. This in turn helps to be able to motivate your team. Passion and enthusiasm have nothing to do with the fact that you may be an extrovert. No, this also applies to the introverts who think they cannot convey something to others with passion and energy. Ralph Emerson said:

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.

A leader is also someone who can delegate. It doesn’t help that you have such a belief in yourself and such a superior opinion of yourself that you’re convinced you are the only one who can complete a task well. A good leader always has a good team. Think of Jesus’s team in biblical times, namely his disciples. Think of Jesus’ team today: you and I, among others, are part of it. Yes, you must be able to delegate. You must lead by example, be functional, but you continually need to let followers get on board. No human can complete a task alone. The proverb – a chain is as strong as its weakest link – is very true and applicable here. Be willing to take a risk and trust others. Help other people develop in the process. This is how you strengthen your team and build leaders for the future.

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