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Lead like Jesus (2)

Another very important characteristic of a leader according to the example of Jesus, is integrity. Integrity is very difficult to define but let’s talk about a few of its characteristics. When I hear the word “integrity”, I immediately see a mirror. Why? Because I believe that someone with integrity is a person who can look at himself/herself in the mirror and be satisfied with what’s going on in their life. How many people’s lives today, when they’re alone and private, are the same lives in front of other people? Is that what people see of you really who you are? Or is there another side that you hide deeply and completely? If this is true, you have a problem with integrity.

Someone with integrity is someone who can make the right choices. Nowadays there are so many temptations while at the same time, norms and values are also fast disappearing. In most cases, most people do not follow and pursue Biblical principles. A leader, like Jesus, is someone who consults and follows Biblical norms and makes choices accordingly. This is a leader with integrity. Such a leader doesn’t easily succumb to the pressure of the majority but chooses and does what is right.

Someone with integrity is also someone who is consistent in his actions. Your “yes” is your “yes” and your “no” is your “no”. People know exactly who and what you are, and they know according to which principles you make your decisions. You won’t say “yes” to one thing on Monday and the following Monday say “no” to the same thing. No, there is consistency in your decision-making and actions. The weather doesn’t determine your moods. Jesus lives in you and that is what you practice and radiate toward your followers.

Someone with integrity is someone who lives in the light. There are no secret agendas: meaning that you aren’t kind to people just to get something out of them. In other words, a leader with integrity isn’t a manipulator. He’s sincere in what he says and does. He’s not trying to gain people’s favour in false and dishonest ways. His thoughts and attitude are in the light for all to see. An unknown person defined integrity as:

To be good when nobody is watching you.

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