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Good parenting during a pandemic

Good and effective parenting will always be a challenge, also in times when there isn’t a pandemic. Now however, the cat is amongst the pigeons and parents need lots of advice and support. Here are a few very practical tips that can be lived every day: hands and feet for a pandemic time such as now.

(1) Make time for good communication

Always remember that good communication starts with listening. Make time for it. Be intentional with it. Young people have lots of pent-up emotions of which much is negative. They suffer bad losses during this time, and somebody must listen. Dad and mom, may this please be you. If absent – the consequences are already horrible.

(2) Make your home a pleasant place

Again, it’s always supposed to be such. Now it’s more important than ever since there are restrictions on social gatherings and parties. Become creative in your home and go out regularly as a family just to break the routine, which can be soul destroying during a long pandemic. Together organise fun and good times for your family. Plan pleasant occasions so that everyone can be and remain safe during this time.

(3) Limit technology

Every home must have a strict policy regarding the use of technology during this pandemic. Technology takes over our lives and during the pandemic, it will only worsen poor relationships. Children are exposed to screens too much and for too long (now even for schoolwork!). They must be helped to get away from it. In many cases their brains are already overexerted, and the negative tension hormones increase and accelerate because of the overuse of technology and screens. Too many young people are busy with screens behind their closed bedroom doors, which is uncontrolled most of the time. Dad and mom, here you have a recipe for disaster.

(4) Remain responsible about boundaries and discipline

Too many parents pity their children to such an extent that they give permission for isolation regulations to be ignored. Children are allowed to go to places that I call ‘Covid breeding nests’. “My poor child…” is the general and foolish argument by parents. Well, if your child becomes infected, “your poor child” will have to be isolated for longer. Then indeed you can talk about your “poor child”. Just remember you’re the one who gave permission. Your child can furthermore infect other children and teachers. That’s why you must become super creative in your family – make your home a nice place once again. Be extremely strict when it comes to virus regulations and simultaneously extremely loving and sensitive. Yes, this combination is possible.

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