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God is never far from you

When everything is going well in life, it’s easy to exclaim: "Praise the Lord!" Then it’s very easy to say "the Lord is good". Nowadays one sees it so often on social media when someone excels or receives a most beautiful and expensive gift. The profound truth about "the Lord is good" is that it doesn’t depend on your circumstances. It’s always true; in the good as well as the tough times. But…...

God can sometimes also feel terribly distant and even absent. When the rubber hits the road and your circumstances turn bad or negative, God suddenly feels so far, so distant. He feels detached and not at all involved in your life. However, the truth about the cross and the empty tomb is that Jesus is Immanuel. It indeed means ‘God with you’ always and everywhere. This absolutely confirms that He will never leave or forsake you.

Two statements by the well-known evangelist Spurgeon once again confirm the truth about God's closeness in difficult and tough times. One day someone asked him the following question: "Where is God?" His calm answer was: "The question actually is: Where is God not?" It's such an important truth in times when you feel lonely, and your feelings betray you. It’s so important if your enemy aggravates the situation further by telling you the lie that God is far away. Spurgeon also said the following:

God's presence where we struggle in the flood is better than being without Him in a ferry.

Psalm 12: 7(a) and Psalm 16: 8(a) say:

You, Lord, will keep the needy safe – NIV

I keep my eyes always on the Lord – NIV

Hold on to this. It’s the truth every day!

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