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Christmas every day

At the start of October, shops start putting up their Christmas decorations because, figuratively speaking, Christmas is around the corner. As November approaches, churches start planning carol services and Christmas songs are sung more often. Then we get January, February and March… and suddenly Christmas is forgotten. We now wait for the shops to remind us in October that Christmas is again around the corner.

On Christmas day we celebrate the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. God became man – Jesus came from heaven and became a person. Heaven hit earth. It is very special and very big. We bless each other with gifts in the hopes of reminding each other of the greatest Gift of all. The big question is however: Is it only meant for one day of the year? Is celebrating Jesus becoming man limited to one day of the year?

With Jesus descending from heaven to suffer on behalf of every person, He became Immanuel – God with us; God with you and God with Me. It is meant for every moment of every day. Think about the past year and how it did not turn out the way we thought it would, eventually becoming one big challenge. Where was God? “Watching us from a distance”? O no, He was with you! He was there with you, next to you and in you. That is the message of Christmas. That is the message for every day of the year.

When the situation that you find yourself in makes you tired, even overwhelming you then can, no you must hold on to the message of Christmas: Immanuel came, and He is always with you. Your situation might make you feel different or even think differently, but fortunately your situation can’t erase the reality of Immanuel.

Therefore, know and hold on to the following: Christmas is for every day of the year. The joyful and blessed tidings remain true, even in your darkest, worst and most painful moments. Shout it out – Immanuel – that is the message of Christmas.

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