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Children are gifts

People often greatly surprise or amaze you. Some men, for example, can take such loving care of their cars, sports equipment or watches. The car gets washed regularly with the most expensive special soap. It is frequently vacuumed and something new is constantly bought to make the car look even better. Special cleaning products are also bought at a high price for the genuine leather jacket

or shoes. Hours and hours and lots of money is spent on precious possessions. It could even be compared to the effort a woman puts into caring for her hair. Only the best hairdresser dares to venture near her head. The hair is dyed, cut and blow-dried, and the entire process is repeated every month. It costs a fortune, but there’s no limit on the time or money spent on what’s important and precious.

Yes, precious possessions require time and money. If something is a priority, then it’s really obvious that you’ll spend lots of energy on it, and a large part of your attention in life will be focused on it. If only parents would realise that their children are actually their most precious gifts. Your child should be your greatest priority.

Don’t think that if you put loads of effort into their sports coaching and buy them plenty of expensive clothes, you’re doing enough. All the extra classes and private coaching for the sake of better performance (not to catch up) are paid for with a smile and driving all over for it shouldn’t be trouble.

Do you spend most of your time on your children? Are you investing in your children's spiritual development and not in their worldly good? Remember, worldly good is temporary and teaches them wrong values. Do you spend enough time with your child to ensure their emotional wellbeing? Are you realising and developing their full potential? Are you on your knees before the Lord to hear from Him what you need to do next or where you need to fix something?

Just think again how important and precious your child is to God. Is your child just as important to you? Is your child really a high priority in your life?

Psalm 112: 1-2 says:

Blessed are those who fear the Lord, who find delight in His commands. Their children will be mighty in the land; the generation of the upright will be blessed – NIV

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