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A leader must be able to network - 2

I started the previous newsletter with the following words:

The lonesome cowboy path to good leadership no longer works today. A good leader must be able to network - there must be people (other than your own internal team) with whom you partner. The relevant question is how do you choose these partners? Your judgment is particularly important here because mistakes at this level can cost you dearly. I now highlight a few more criteria that can help you in this regard (a follow-up to the previous newsletter):


You never choose someone as a partner who simply quits the race at the first uphill and goes to sit on the side. No, perseverance is extremely important. "Keep going" and "persevere" are the watchwords of a good leader, and the type of person with whom you’d want to partner. "I can’t" doesn’t form part of their vocabulary. Life is challenging and even complicated sometimes; that’s

why perseverance is so important.


Sam Chand, a brilliant leader, gives excellent advice on the choice of people with whom you’d like to collaborate:

"We all start life by climbing our own ladder and focusing on ourselves. Over time, some people start to change from climbing their own ladder of success, to start building ladders for others.”

Your partner thus finds joy in improving and growing others.


A good partner is someone willing to make sacrifices for the sake of others. The tasks that may be too grubby, unpleasant, or difficult for others – they’ll raise their hand first, and sacrifice to get their hands dirty. They’re the type on their knees washing other people's feet. And their shoulders are broad enough so that others are elevated and better than them.


Good partners don’t brag, and they aren’t lazy. No, they walk the talk. With them you won’t constantly find sweet and good intentions. Oh no, they move! They’re all action! They’re active! They make things happen. They are the kind of people who realise life is short and that it must be lived to the fullest. Yes, they understand that good intentions have never changed the world.


A good partner makes you a better person. You’re motivated by the person's character. You’re inspired by the person's passion. You learn from the person's words and actions.

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